Meltdown Niagara Review

Obsidian Will is an Ambient Drone/Doom trio based out of Ottawa that borrows atmosphere from the classic drone/doom projects like Sunn o)) and Earth, but that is just on a surface level. The tone this band is working with is at once warm and enveloping and crushingly bleak. Repeat listens to their intricately crafted drones reveal subtle violin passages, creepy pulsing sounds that cannot be placed and spoken word that adds dimensions to an already massive sound that is incredibly consistent throughout their prolific discography (4 epic releases in just under 2 years). Their most recent release features tracks like the pitch black “Steadfast” that ruminates on a sparse, steady rhythm and a towering drone passage that periodically cracks it’s monolithic soundscape to introduce decrepit melody before dissolving into a hum of no doubt overheating amp tubes. All of their releases are available through their bandcamp below: